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Artist: Maysa
Release Date: 2022-02-11
Genre: Jazz
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Album Review

Always good to have new music from MAYSA (Leak) and without too much fuss or fanfare, the supreme soul stylist has just released a splendid double A-sided single…. ‘Sure You’re Sure’/’Just Say’. ‘Sure’ is a sensual offering that sits between smooth jazz and sophisticated soul. Stevie Wonder fans will recognize the song. It originally appeared on his ‘Junge Fever’ movie soundtrack album (Maysa was actually a backing singer on that original) but, as ever, here Ms. L makes the song her own though, cleverly, she pays homage to the master by using some sweet harmonica in the intro.

- Soul & Jazz & Funk

Maysa turns Just Stay into a jazzy, soulful nighttime ballad extraordinaire. It is a stunning performance and a reminder of what a unique artist we’ve been able to observe over the past three decades.

- Soul Tracks
1. Make Sure You’re Sure
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2. Just Stay
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About New Album

For the Smooth Jazz lover, the first side is a sensual yet cerebral call for a delicate decision in love. Make Sure You’re Sure is a loving remake of the Stevie Wonder penned song from his 1991 Jungle Fever Movie Soundtrack. Maysa brings the song to 2022, passionately pleading with someone to be sure you want the love you ask for.

The second side is the throwback feel, sexy “JUST STAY”, written by MAYSA, and her longtime collaborators, producer Chris “BIG DOG” Davis and background singer Angela Phillips. Just Stay has been getting amazing feedback, with most calling it “baby-making music”! JUST STAY is going for adds right now…

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