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Happy Birthday Randy Crawford

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Happy Birthday Randy Crawford

Veronica “Randy” Crawford (born February 18, 1952, Macon, Georgia) is an American jazz and R&B singer. She has been more successful in Europe than in the United States, where she has not entered the Billboard Hot 100 as a solo artist.  However, she has appeared on the Hot 100 singles chart twice. First, was in 1979 as a guest vocalist on The Crusaders‘s top 40 hit “Street Life“. She also dueted with Rick Springfield on the song “Taxi Dancing,” which hit #59 as the b-side of Springfield’s hit “Bop Til You Drop.” She has had five Top 20 hits in the UK, including her 1980 number 2 hit, “One Day I’ll Fly Away“, as well as six UK Top 10 albums. Despite her American nationality, she won Best British Female Solo Artist in recognition of her popularity in the UK at the 1982 Brit Awards. In the late 2000s she received her first two Grammy Award nominations.

She led R&B veterans the Crusaders on the transatlantic hit “Street Life” (1979).  A specially re-recorded version was featured in the soundtrack for the films Sharky’s Machine and Jackie Brown, and appeared in commercials in the early 2000s. She later recorded for Warner Bros. Records. Crawford was named the ‘Most Outstanding Performer’ at the 1980 Tokyo Music Festival.  Crawford also recorded the love theme (“People Alone”) for the film soundtrack of The Competition on MCA Records in 1980.

Randy can do that. When she sings, I am afraid to get in the way. I listen to Ella Fitzgerald and the recording sounded like piano player gone wild. I am thinking to myself, 'Turn him down and turn her up! Get him out of the way. Cut that fool out, get him off of this record!'Joe Sample

Crawford recorded a live session with Joe Sample on July 24, 2007, at Abbey Road Studios for Live from Abbey Road. The episode she shared with David Gilmour and Amos Lee was screened on the Sundance Channel in the US and Channel 4 in the UK.

She has sung with Bootsy Collins, Johnny BristolQuincy JonesAl Jarreau, Rick Springfield, Katri HelenaMichael KamenZuccheroDavid Sanborn, Steve Hackett, the Spanish band Presuntos Implicados, the Norwegian jazz-rock band Lava and Joe Sample amongst others.

Randy Crawford was set to perform “The Farewell South Africa” tour in Cape Town and Pretoria in October 2018 but it was cancelled due to a medical setback.[14] This would have been Crawford’s final performance prior to retiring


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